To ensure that we maintain our amazing reputation and to ensure that our customers can trust us, we offer a 14-day return option on every purchase made here on IAG Phones.

The 14 day period indicate that we are confident about all the products we sell on here.

However, if 14 days elapse after a purchase has been made, the product cannot be returned.

To return a product within the 14 days after purchase, kindly contact us here, and we would guide you on how to return the product.

Bear in mind however, that all returns must arrive back:

  • With the original packaging
  • In the same condition that they were purchased
  • With the iCloud account disabled (for iOS PHONES)


All accessories purchased on here are non-refundable. Be it headphones, phone cases, charging cables or screen protectors.


For further questions or inquiries, kindly get in touch.