Below FAQ are some common concerns of our clients before purchasing the theme, if you have other questions, please just send it to
Every product you find on IAG Phones has been properly and meticulously tested to ensure 100% functionality, durability and accountability.
No. We only carry refurbished phones of the highest quality.
All our phone grades (A, B, and C) are great for purchase. Choosing a grade is solely dependent on your pocket however, as our grade A phones are costlier than our grade C phones. Choosing a grade also depends on if you prefer a phone with no scratches at all, or one that has no trace of use. For more information about our grading system, kindly visit our grading page.
We offer a 14-day return option on every purchase made here on IAG Phones. However, if 14 days elapse after a purchase has been made, the product cannot be returned. To return a product within the 14 days after purchase, kindly contact us, and we would guide you on how to return the product. N.B: Every product you return, must come with the original packaging, in the same condition that it was purchased, and with the iCloud account disabled (for iOS PHONES)
No, you cannot. All accessories purchased on here are non-refundable; be it headphones, phone cases, charging cables or screen protectors.
Every product sold here on IAG Phones come with a comprehensive 9 months warranty service. This means that if any problem or issue develops within 9 months of purchase, you can contact us, and our team here at IAG Phones would help resolve the problem with the seller. For problems that we cannot resolve, we would immediately create a free return label and ship the product back to the seller for proper inspection. N.B: Our 9 months warranty policy only applies to functional issues. Improper treatment, accidental drops, damage caused by liquids, or breakages caused by the buyer would not be covered by this warranty policy.