We have a very consistent and transparent grading process that ensures that every product carried on here is up to standard. Our computerized and automated system ensures that the grading process is transparent and executed perfectly.


Before we place any our products into a grade, we test them and ensure they are 100% functional. Then we decide which ones come with scratches or trace of use. This grading system makes it easier for you to decide what works for you, and what phone to purchase. It also helps us reduce the chances of nonsatisfaction and product returns.


Below, we show you a clear picture of the different grading standard of our tested phone. It ensures you choose correctly and helps you manage your expectations before and after a purchase.

You can also check out our testing report online with tested phone's IMEI; it includes the testing date/grading/functionality of 200+ parts of the device.





  • Phones are in almost perfect conditions
  • Fully tested and fully functional
  • Little or no trace of use
  • Zero scratches
  • Excellent value for money



  • Phones are in very good conditions
  • Fully tested and fully functional
  • Slight trace of use
  • Minor scratches
  • Great value for money



  • Phones are in good conditions
  • Fully tested and fully functional
  • Shows that they have been used
  • Some serious scratches may be present
  • Dents may be present
  • Minor scratches on the screen may also be present