IAG Phone is the number one online store for high quality refurbished phones. As a socially responsible brand, we offer the best deals on every used phone product at very affordable prices. We compare and contrast every product before offering them on our platform. 

We know and understand the stress that comes with purchasing refurbished products, especially phones, and want to ensure that our customers do not have to suffer this stress. All the refurbished phones we carry are IAG Certified; meaning they pass through our strict test procedure for trust and reliability. They instantly become new industry standard when they are IAG Certified. 

We make sure that all our phones are in the right conditions, thoroughly tested and fully functional, come with little or no trace of use, zero or minimal scratches, and offer excellent value for your money.  

We try to deliver excellent customer experience at all times, from finding the refurbished phones to providing them to our customers. 

We are also very transparent with our pricing, so you do not have to worry about not receiving your money’s worth. All the products sold on our platform come with a nine months warranty. This allows you peace of mind and the same worry-free experience you expect from buying new. 

If a phone you want is currently out of stock, you can set up a Product Alert, and we will notify you when it becomes available for purchase. 

For more information on how we operate, feel free to contact us. 

Our Mission

We want to provide customers with a smarter, faster, and more assured alternative for purchasing phones. We are also helping the environment by reducing electronic waste through the reselling of refurbished phones. 

Our Vision

We dream of a world where finding the right refurbished phones should not be a problem. 

Our Values

  • We are committed to customer satisfaction and experience.
  • We are committed to providing the best-refurbished phones only.
  • We are committed to improving and adapting when the needs arise.
  • We are committed to innovation and excellence. 
  • We are committed to always making the right decisions to meet your technology needs.

IAG Certification

All our refurbished phones are IAG Certified, meaning they pass through our strict hardware
and software test procedures for trust and reliability. They instantly become new industry
standard when they are IAG Certified, and can now be confirmed to be fully functional.